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Peace be unto you!

Peace be unto you!

Behind locked doors

Fears shake and rattle hearts.

What does the future hold

Persecution? Death? Trials?

Peace be unto you!

I, the Lord

Who holds the keys

Of death and hell,

Stand among you and say –

Peace be unto you!

Within locked hearts

Questions seethe and rage

Who am I? Where do I fit in?

What is my calling now?

Peace be unto you!

I called you by name

Before the world was made

To be my witness faithful and true;

As my Father sent me

So send I you.

Within locked minds

The pendulum swings

To trust or not to trust

Where can my mind find rest?

Peace be unto you!

Touch My wounded side and hands

Be at rest in the Truth

Abide in My love

Come alive in My Spirit

Peace be unto you!

Our God is merciful and tender.

He will cause the bright dawn of salvation to rise on us

to shine from heaven on all those who live in the dark shadow of death,

to guide our steps into the path of peace.

Luke 1:78-79

I give you peace,

the kind of peace that only I can give.

It isn’t like the peace that this world can give.

So don’t be worried or afraid.

John 14:27

May the Lord himself,

who is our source of peace,

give you peace at all times and in every way.

The Lord be with you all.

2 Thess 3:16




Broken alabaster jar

Perfume wisps and wraps

Blessing One who is to be

Broken and poured forth.

Abandoned water pitcher

Feet run to proclaim

Living Waters that drench

The parched and weary soul

Lifegiving Fount who would soon cry

‘I thirst’.

Embalming spices

Lie forgotten

The Promise Keeper

The Mystery of God revealed

Stands before me

Why indeed should I seek

The Living among the dead?

The Saviour calls my name

Rabboni, Master, King

My heart makes reply

My spirit hears the homeward wooing

And whispers back

‘Lord, I am Yours’

not my will

Yours be done’

People disappoint. Sad truth. No matter how close they are, and how much they love you, they disappoint. No one can truly be sufficient to meet the needs of our hearts, and so there is always a feeling of having been let down at some point or the other in time.

Some years ago, I was struggling with anger and loneliness. It was the strange kind of loneliness, loneliness in a crowd, loneliness in the midst of intense people contact and conversation. It is the loneliness that comes when the interactions seem to be superficial and one-sided, where the person talking to you is not really interested in you except as a forum to talk about themself.

At that time I came across this verse, You are expecting _____ to help you, but that would be like using a reed as a walking stick—it would break and would jab your hand. That is what the ______ is like when anyone relies on him.” Is 36:6

True isn’t it?

We look to people for comfort, help, strength, support and they invariably break under our weight at some point or the other, because no one is equipped to be there unstintingly for another.

As I prayed about this verse, a picture formed in my mind of me standing under a clean, pure waterfall. A limitless supply of water. Refreshing, cool and clean. Yet, I had a small cup in my hand and was trying to fill my cup from a rusty tap that stood on the banks of this joyous, unceasing waterfall. A few drops fell occasionally from this tap, and I was trying to fill my cup from this tap, and I was getting frustrated because I couldn’t get enough to quench my thirst.

Looking at that picture, I felt rather silly.

Why would I turn to a rusty tap

When I stood under the waterfall of His love and grace?

Why do I seek crumbs from the table

When He anoints my head with oil at His banqueting spread?

Why do I lean on a reed that’s easily broken

When the Rock of Ages holds me by His mighty hand?

I think probably it is the lie that a human being is more tangible, and therefore what we receive from a human is more real.

What a terrible lie.

John, in exile on the island of Patmos encountered the Lord who would stoop to lift him up and reassure him. In his loneliness, he discovered the fullness of the reality of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ in a way that he probably could not have experienced in a prayer meeting.

Paul, left alone in the midst of his trial found that the Lord stood with him and encouraged him. It was in his loneliness that he discovered the fullness of the sufficiency of the Grace of God.

Is satan attacking you with this lie that there is no brother, sister of Christ to come alongside you, listen to your story, speak an encouraging word to you? Rebuke that lie.

God has not forgotten you, and will never abandon you. He is at work in the midst of your circumstances to work all things together for good. He is ALWAYS with you. His Spirit can speak to your heart as no human can.

His love, His grace comes down like a mighty lavish waterfall – richly, joyously – satisfying, refreshing, healing, strengthening, restoring, comforting…

Jesus still invites you to come to the waters and drink freely…

whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again.

The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.

John 4:14

Mind the gap.

We look at it

Measure it

Assess it

Don’t want to be swallowed by it

And yet, looking at the gap

Sucks us into it.

Mind the gap.

The distance between

What is

And what should be.


Lord of the Gap

Demands our worship

In tithes of discontentment


And rage

But the gaps remain


Till One came

Laid down His life

Filled the greatest Gap of all

Gave us hope

That every valley will be exalted

Every mountain brought down

Every crooked place made straight

Every rough place made smooth

That we will see


Fraternity, Equality and Liberty


May His kingdom come

His will be done

On earth as it is in heaven

“… O Sovereign Lord, holy and true,…“ Rev 6:10

 Lord what do I say.

The words seem stuck somewhere in the depths of my heart.

I can feel thoughts bubbling and boiling in pictures that cannot be put into words. May there should be something like a Polaroid camera, taking snapshots of my thoughts, magically linking them to words, shaping them into sentences

Holy and true.

How can anyone begin to define,


into a few pithy words the

awesomeness of all that You are.


no gap between your words, your  actions, your motives.

Showing the same picture to all,

no different faces for different people.

All who come to you and seek you find you to be consistent, faithful, true.

 Completely unlike any other we’ve ever known.

Not squeezable into any mould

Can’t be labelled and pigeon-holed

Constantly surprising and yet constantly consistent

Unceasingly working and yet completely at rest

Intangible, Invisible and yet Alpha Reality

Love unfeigned and unforced

Pure Light, no shadows

Wisdom clear and true

Immovable friend

Unwavering Defender of my cause

Supreme Emperor of the Universe

because truly the universe

and all that’s in it is Yours

King who should be obeyed without a question

yet, respecting us… giving us freedom to choose

You are complete in Yourself

And yet You seek us, Your people

To be the fullness of You who fills all in all!

By the RiverBlurWell, I never felt more like crying all night

 ‘Cause everything’s wrong

And nothing is right, ….

You got me singing the blues…

That’s some of the lines from Randy Travis’ song ‘I never felt more like singing the blues’.

Blues. The problem with ‘blues’ is that they colour everything and envelop everything in the deep dusk of despair. Shadows deepen and shapes distort, till everything seems monstrous and threatening. One feels alone, cut off and helpless.

Perfect setting for the Dark Whisperer to get busy, sowing doubts, fears, lies about self, God and others. Self-pity lovingly waters the poisonous seeds that have been sown. The Dark Whisperer smugly waits for the harvest of Bitterness and Despair to come forth.

I was reading Psalm 43 today morning. David has the blues and he has it bad. He feels surrounded and friendless, and as always he runs to God, His steadfast friend, for help.

Send out your light and your truth;

 let them lead me;

let them bring me to your holy hill and to your dwelling!

Psa 43:3 ESV

By the River

Light splashes colour, ruining the blue monotones.

Truth cuts through the cobwebby fears.  

Brooding monsters are mere trees

And haunted ruins, commonplace homes.

I’m not in vampirish Transylvania!

No! Just in mundane Suburbania!

The Dark Whisperer’s harvest is uprooted.

Worship and praise burst forth in triumph.

I enter the Holy of Holies,

And there at the foot of the Cross-

The ultimate altar of God,

I stand redeemed and made holy,

To sing for joy

To God who is my joy

And Whose joy is my strength.

Fount of every blessing

Desire of every heart

Light of Life

The Rock of Escape

The unbreachable fortress

The unscaleable wall of fire

Gives me His shield of victory

Sustains me with His right hand

Speaks truth to dispel all darkness

Instructs me with a glance from His eyes

Upholds me lest I fall

Carries me when I am weary

Rejoices over me with singing

Quiets me with His love.

Oh to Grace how great a debtor

Daily I’m constrained to be

And yet am set free by His love.

New mercies every morning

Download from His heart to mine

Joy unspeakable

Hope uncrushable

Love irresistible

Life indestructible

Peace illimitable

Rest unshakeable…

To him who loves us

and has freed us from our sins by his blood…

To the King of ages,



the only God,

be honor and glory forever and ever.


Rev 1:6 & 1Tim 1:17 ESV

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