By the RiverBlurWell, I never felt more like crying all night

 ‘Cause everything’s wrong

And nothing is right, ….

You got me singing the blues…

That’s some of the lines from Randy Travis’ song ‘I never felt more like singing the blues’.

Blues. The problem with ‘blues’ is that they colour everything and envelop everything in the deep dusk of despair. Shadows deepen and shapes distort, till everything seems monstrous and threatening. One feels alone, cut off and helpless.

Perfect setting for the Dark Whisperer to get busy, sowing doubts, fears, lies about self, God and others. Self-pity lovingly waters the poisonous seeds that have been sown. The Dark Whisperer smugly waits for the harvest of Bitterness and Despair to come forth.

I was reading Psalm 43 today morning. David has the blues and he has it bad. He feels surrounded and friendless, and as always he runs to God, His steadfast friend, for help.

Send out your light and your truth;

 let them lead me;

let them bring me to your holy hill and to your dwelling!

Psa 43:3 ESV

By the River

Light splashes colour, ruining the blue monotones.

Truth cuts through the cobwebby fears.  

Brooding monsters are mere trees

And haunted ruins, commonplace homes.

I’m not in vampirish Transylvania!

No! Just in mundane Suburbania!

The Dark Whisperer’s harvest is uprooted.

Worship and praise burst forth in triumph.

I enter the Holy of Holies,

And there at the foot of the Cross-

The ultimate altar of God,

I stand redeemed and made holy,

To sing for joy

To God who is my joy

And Whose joy is my strength.