“… O Sovereign Lord, holy and true,…“ Rev 6:10

 Lord what do I say.

The words seem stuck somewhere in the depths of my heart.

I can feel thoughts bubbling and boiling in pictures that cannot be put into words. May there should be something like a Polaroid camera, taking snapshots of my thoughts, magically linking them to words, shaping them into sentences

Holy and true.

How can anyone begin to define,


into a few pithy words the

awesomeness of all that You are.


no gap between your words, your  actions, your motives.

Showing the same picture to all,

no different faces for different people.

All who come to you and seek you find you to be consistent, faithful, true.

 Completely unlike any other we’ve ever known.

Not squeezable into any mould

Can’t be labelled and pigeon-holed

Constantly surprising and yet constantly consistent

Unceasingly working and yet completely at rest

Intangible, Invisible and yet Alpha Reality

Love unfeigned and unforced

Pure Light, no shadows

Wisdom clear and true

Immovable friend

Unwavering Defender of my cause

Supreme Emperor of the Universe

because truly the universe

and all that’s in it is Yours

King who should be obeyed without a question

yet, respecting us… giving us freedom to choose

You are complete in Yourself

And yet You seek us, Your people

To be the fullness of You who fills all in all!