Fount of every blessing

Desire of every heart

Light of Life

The Rock of Escape

The unbreachable fortress

The unscaleable wall of fire

Gives me His shield of victory

Sustains me with His right hand

Speaks truth to dispel all darkness

Instructs me with a glance from His eyes

Upholds me lest I fall

Carries me when I am weary

Rejoices over me with singing

Quiets me with His love.

Oh to Grace how great a debtor

Daily I’m constrained to be

And yet am set free by His love.

New mercies every morning

Download from His heart to mine

Joy unspeakable

Hope uncrushable

Love irresistible

Life indestructible

Peace illimitable

Rest unshakeable…

To him who loves us

and has freed us from our sins by his blood…

To the King of ages,



the only God,

be honor and glory forever and ever.


Rev 1:6 & 1Tim 1:17 ESV