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Watchmen waiting for the morning

Lift up your voice in praise

The Sun of Righteousness has dawned

The stone’s been rolled away.

Watchmen call out in joy:

“Our God reigns! Our God reigns!”

Sin’s curse is broken, the Law fulfilled,

The stone’s been rolled away.

Watchmen declare the new world order

Life triumphant, death defeated

Sun of Righteousness, God’s revealed Glory floods the earth

The stone’s been rolled away.

Watchmen proclaim on mountain tops

“The war is over! Peace with God declared! Free pardon given to all!

New names, new clothes, new parentage,

The stone’s been rolled away.

Come one! Come all!

Drink of the Fount that ne’er runs dry

The Living Bread of heaven’s been broken,

Come eat, be satisfied!

Rise up out of corrupt flesh and death

Rise into the heart of Christ

Live in love’s unending morning

The stone’s been rolled away.

But God,

being rich in mercy,

because of the great love with which he loved us,

even when we were dead in our trespasses,

made us alive together with Christ

–by grace you have been saved–

and raised us up with him

and seated us with him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus,

so that

in the coming ages

he might show the immeasurable riches of his grace

in kindness toward us in Christ Jesus.
Eph 2:4-7 ESV


The stone’s been rolled over the tomb

Spices weighed out

Crushed with oil to make ointments

Silently bottled and stoppered

Hearts lightened as hands found work

The disciples wait, numb, heavy hearted

Fearing the knock on the door

Wanting to pick up the pieces

but they didn’t fit together at all

Memories lashed tearing strips of their souls

And thorns of shame accused them

Autumn had withered their fig leaves

leaving them unable to meet each other’s gaze.


A day of rest


The word mocked them

He’d said,




I’ll give you rest’

But He was laid in a tomb

There was no hand to lighten their pain


As I tried to think about what the disciples and the women followers of Jesus did on that night when Jesus was laid in the tomb, and the long Sabbath day they had to wait through, I became overwhelmed by heaviness and the pain of all who stood at dead-ends.

Jobs lost, relationships ended, loved ones laid in the grave… the blank wall and formless future meets their gaze. Bewildered, wondering why it was happening to them. How could there be a full stop, a shut door, when this is not how they had seen the road ahead?

Thankfully we stand on the other side of the Resurrection. Jesus is no longer in the tomb. But He is risen and sitting at the right hand of God the Father, with all power, all authority to fulfil every promise that God has ever made. He is the Word made Flesh.

So consider this promise that God made in Isaiah:

For Jehovah shall comfort Zion;

He will comfort all her waste places;

and He will make her wilderness like Eden,

and her desert like the garden of Jehovah.

Joy and gladness shall be found in it,

thanksgiving and the voice of melody.

Isa 51:3 MKJV

 Why are you cast down O my soul?

Why do you crouch in fear?

Why are you crushed by worry?


Hope thou in God.

When you cannot feel the ground beneath your feet,

And the waters swirl and tug at you,

He holds your head above the waters so you are not overwhelmed.


Why do you lie in the dust O my soul?

You are not abandoned!

You are not cut off!


Listen to the whisper of the Lover of your soul,

‘Arise my love, arise

The winter is past.’


Autumn fig leaves have turned to mulch.

In dark unseen places,

His unquenchable incorruptible life is stirring.


Hope thou in God

For He is the light of your countenance

And the sunshine of His love

Causes you to live again

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