Jeremiah is such a heart-breaking book.  The prophet Jeremiah chronicles the story of a son and his Father.

A headstrong foolish rebellious son, intent on finding his own way and who ultimately finds himself in prison. A Father who sees what lies at the end of the road His son is travelling and tries every tactic and strategy to get His son off the path of destruction. Nothing works, for the ears of the son are shut. He does not trust His Father’s love, does not want to submit to the Father’s wisdom. He trusts everyone other than his Father, depends on untrustworthy friends, turns his back on his Father, and even begins to call lifeless things his Father.

Jeremiah brings an amazing revelation of the Father’s heart. A Father who loves with the depth of His being even though He knows that His son doesn’t love Him or trust Him.  A Father who would love to defend and fight for His son but respects His son’s choice to go it alone.  Tough love.  A love that sees the inevitable consequences of His son’s folly and lays plans for His son’s rescue.

Jeremiah hears and records the Father’s pleas. He sees and records the stubborn foolishness of the son. He sees the son suffer the consequences of  his foolhardiness. And Jeremiah gets an amazing window into the Father’s heart who sends a message of comfort and hope to his rebellious son who’s now cooling his heels in prison.

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you,

says the LORD,

thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

Jer 29:11 KJV

Even though you are in captivity because of your foolishness and stubbornness

in making alliances with those who most certainly were going to fail you

in trusting in the city walls and the arm of man

in calling pieces of clay and wood your ‘father’

and believing that they were the ones who took care of you…

Even though you refused to listen to Me,

Even though you depised My messengers

and deleted and ignored My messages,

I AM and always be who I AM

I cannot stop being who I AM

Holy and True

Unchanging in my love

For I know the heart with which I think of you:

My  thoughts, intentions,

the plans and preparations I make for you –

each one of them is

filled with a desire for your












rest from hostilities.

My thoughts are not evil

full of hate and anger

planning pain, unhappiness, misery,


friendly thoughts

motivated by a desire to give you

a lifeline of hope

something to hold onto

something to look forward to

to anticipate with pleasure

a certainty that what you wait for

will arrive and be fulfilled.

Then you shall call on Me,

and you shall go and pray to Me,

and I will listen to you.

And you shall seek Me and find Me,

when you search for Me with all your heart.

And I will be found by you, says Jehovah;

and I will turn away your captivity, …

Jer 29:12-14 MKJV