Ruminate over wrongs

Shuffle the deck and lay them out

Count those offenses once more

Pile them high

Weigh them

Log them…

Rut-stuck treadmill of thoughts

Going nowhere

Wearing me out.

‘To me! To me!’ cries out the horn of salvation

I see the banner lifted high

‘Forgive as you’ve been forgiven’

‘Mercy not sacrifice’

Truth lights up my path.

I lean on my Saviour’s arm

Strength infuses my weakness

My blows are aimless no longer.

In the Name of the Lord

The swarming thoughts die out

Like fire among the thorns.


Like a river sweeps battle-shards away.


Is the banner left flying high.


Morning, noon, and night

You hear my concerns and my complaints.

I am attacked from all sides,

but You will rescue me unharmed by the battle.

Psa 55:17-18 CEV