Ezekiel saw a valley of dry bones

Scattered, bleached and brittle.

But the Lord saw in those bones His children –

He knew each one by name

He knew the days of their lives

And the paths their lives had taken

And He knew the shape their lives could take

The Lord knew them, and He loved them.

The Israelites saw a valley of death

Hope cut off, open graves, no hope of recovery.

But the Lord of Life saw before Him, His creation ready to obey

He spoke, and Death loosed his chains

Brittle bones, dry bones, dead bones

Found their appointed place

The rushing Spirit breathed life

And Ezekiel saw an army, numberless and nameless,

But the Eternal Father saw His children

Unique and special, named and loved

Every hair on their head He had numbered

And He cherished them, each and every one.

 Are you in a valley, where you cannot see how things can change? That there is no hope? No possibilities? Do you feel like one in a nameless throng?

Let me encourage you, the Lord sees with Holy eyes. He sees things we cannot see.

Am praying that today, whatever it is you are facing, you will be released to see it through the Lord’s eyes! Dry bones can live!