What kind of a heart bears good fruit?

In the parable of the sower Jesus tells us of the hard heart, cynical and critical, puffed up in its own knowledge, unable to receive the Word; the pleasure filled heart and the anxious heart which choke the growth of the Word; the shallow, fearful heart which cannot sustain growth of the Word. But, there is also the heart that bears good fruit.

So what does a heart with ‘good soil’ look like? Maybe this is what it would look like? Maybe these are some of the characteristics of a heart with ‘good soil’?

• SEEKING heart: one that is longing for intimacy with God, and eagerly turns to Him

• LISTENING heart: one that is tuned to the voice of God.

• OPEN heart: one that is willing and ready to receive correction, comfort, teaching

• HUMBLE heart: one that recognises that it cannot do anything without God and is utterly dependent on God

• HONEST heart: one that does not makes excuses or cover up; willing to acknowledge its faults.

  • CONTRITE heart: one that recognises its own sin and is willing to make a U-turn and walk in paths of righteousness
  • WORSHIPPING heart: one that has its gaze fixed on God

• YIELDED  heart: one that is submitted to the working of the Holy Spirit

  • TREASURING heart: one that not merely hears, but one that ponders deeply over the received word.
  • OBEDIENT heart: one that not just hears, but worships the Lord by obeying Him.

What do you think?