Major, major learning of 2012:
God knows how weak I am and He does not despise me for it. He knows how fearful I am and He hugs me all the closer.
He knows how forgetful I am, and so He does not forget His promises to me. He remembers, and… fulfils them.
As a mother hen gathers her chicks under her wings, so He gathers me and hides me. He knows I am trembling under His ‘wings’. He knows that I can only focus on the hunting call of the ‘eagle’ and not relax in His warmth, but He is not impatient with me.
‘Dont be afraid’, ‘Dont worry’ are not harsh commands intended to test the metal/mettle of who I am, but they are loving reassurances in the light of who I am. They are the loving and tender words of a gentle, caring Father to His trembling child. His perfect love casts out all fear…
Are you afraid of the future? Are you worried as you look at likely scenarios? The Loving Father holds you close to him and invites you to lean hard on Him. He can carry your weight, fight your battles, defeat the shandows of your mind. He does it because He loves you.