Despair claws at my soul
Wrapping me in a dark shroud
Shredding my heart
Stripping me of every fig leaf
Blowing down my house of cards

“Dust you are…to dust you shall return”
Hisses Death as it seduces me
And beckons me to follow

“…return to dust…
In dust shall you find your rest”

I stand hypnotized by its voice

“Help me Jesus” I whisper
I cannot think
I cannot fight
I can barely stand

“Stop! Stand back you mangy wolves!
Move back! She’s not your prey!
She’s mine! She’s mine.
I bought her! I died for her!
You can have no part of her!”

The bright sword flashes
The shadows melt
I can move
I fall to my knees
Lightening slashes

I wait helplessly for the blow to fall
The sword touches me gently on the shoulder
And I hear The Voice speak
Softly, gently, tenderly

“Arise, Daughter of Zion
Beloved Treasure
You are my signet ring
I wear you as a seal on my heart
You are mine to have and to hold
Even death shall not tear us apart…”